Complete Vlogging Setups for iPhone and Android

As an aspiring mobile vlogger, increasing your follower count is a crucial step on the path to success. To do this, you need to produce the best content possible. While we can’t help you produce your vlogs, we can make sure you’re equipped with the best vlogging gear on the market.

Using professional quality gear will help ensure that your vlogs have the look you need to succeed. We want you to spend more time producing content and less time shopping for gear, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite complete vlogging setups of 2021.

Vlogging Setups for Smartphones – What to Expect

Vlogging Setups for Smartphones

First thing’s first – audio is most important. If your videography lacks but your story or information is good then people will stay around. If, on the other hand, your audio is bad then no one will stick around no matter how great your shots are. So, if you’re looking for an iPhone or Android vlogging setup then you should only be considering options with decent microphones. It may seem silly to have to mention but be cognizant of the connection options when purchasing a smartphone microphone because you’ll feel really dumb trying to attach a USB-C to your iPhone in front of a client.

You’re getting a vlogging setup for your phone though so you should also expect some sort of phone mount and tripod combination. You can buy a tripod for your phone and a universal mount separately if you prefer. That being said, the industry standard vlogging tripods are the ones included below.

Shure MV88+ Microphone Video Kit

Shure MV88+ Microphone Video Kit review

The Shure MV88+ Microphone Video Kit is an awesome deal for any vlogger. It has everything you need to capture great audio and steady video without weighing you down with heavy equipment.

The universal smartphone mount means this kit will work for you no matter what type of smartphone you’re working with. Whether you prefer using an iPhone or an Android, this kit has you covered. The clamp also has a shoe mount for any additional accessories you might need, such as lighting.

The included Manfrotto Mini Tripod is ideal for vlogging as it can be used as a handheld monopod or a portable and sturdy tripod. Plus, the built-in ball head can be adjusted to adapt to unlevel surfaces with the simple press of a button.

Crisp, clear audio is essential for any vlog, and with the MV88+ Microphone, you won’t ever have to worry about bad audio again. This kit also includes a foam windshield that will help protect your audio wherever you go, even if it’s breezy.

The kit includes both lightning and USB-C cables to ensure that the microphone is compatible with any modern smartphone. Like we said, this kit is truly universally compatible.

Finally, the kit comes with a neoprene roll-up bag to help keep you organized. Vlogging is hard enough as it is, you don’t need to spend time looking for your gear in a disorganized gear bag.

Use your Shure MV88+ Microphone Video Kit with the free ShurePlus MOTIV app to have full recording control. You’ll also be able to both save and share your vlogs in multiple formats. 

It’s also compatible with the Pro Camera by Moment app, so if you’re using Moment lenses, you’re guaranteed to have the best video and audio possible.

Priced at $249.00, this complete vlogging setup is a great investment for any vlogger, regardless of experience. You’ll get professional quality equipment for a much more reasonable price than you would buying these items separately.

Moment iPhone Microphone Bundle

RØDE VideoMicro Microphone

The Moment iPhone Microphone Bundle is a fantastic deal for any iPhone owning vlogger. Plus, this kit gives you the option to choose your microphone, so you can choose the one that works best for the type of content you produce.

You’ll be able to choose from the Wavo Mobile, VideoMicro Microphone, or V-Mic D4 Duo. There is a small difference in price depending on the microphone you choose, so this is a vlogging setup that works for a variety of budgets.

The bundle also includes the GripTight Pro2 GorillaPod. The universally adaptable GripTight Pro 2 Mount fits any smartphone between 2.2 and 3.6 inches in width. This means that no matter what type of iPhone you film with, this kit will keep your phone safe and secure.

The Mount can also hold a phone in landscape or portrait mode. It also features a Cold Shoe Pro Mount and ¼”-20 attachment point so you can use lighting or any other vlogging accessory you might need.

The legs of the GorillaPod are also flexible, so when you’re not using it like a traditional tripod, you can wrap the legs around any appropriately sized object. This helps you vlog from anywhere and achieve unlimited angles.

The Moment iPhone Microphone Bundle also includes an SR-C2000 3.5 TRS Male to Apple Lightning Connector Cable. It’s 9 inches in length and features a gold-plated male 1/8” TRS Plug and a gold-plated male Apple Lightning Connector.

With the Wavo Mobile Microphone, the bundle is priced at $126.90, which is the most budget-friendly of the three options. The VideoMicro Microphone is priced at $145.95 and the V-Mic D4 Duo is just $175.95.

Moment Android USB-C Microphone Bundle

joby wavo mobile review

Like Moment’s iPhone Bundle, the Moment Android USB-C Microphone Bundle gives you the option of the same three professional quality microphones. This also means the bundle is offered at three different price points, so no matter what your vlogging budget is, there’s a complete setup for you.

The Moment Android Microphone Bundle includes the GripTight Pro 2 GorillaPod, which is compatible with ¼”-20 accessories such as lighting or any of the three microphone options. It’s GripTight Pro 2 Mount can hold any Android device between 2.2 and 3.6 inches in width.

The flexible GorillaPod legs can be used like a traditional tripod or wrapped around objects so that you can produce content for your vlog from anywhere and at any angle.

The bundle also includes an SR-C2001 3.5mm Male TRS to USB-C Audio Adapter Cable with gold-plated connectors. It measures 9 inches in length.

The Wavo Mobile is the most budget-friendly option, priced at $126.90. This microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern, which makes this an incredibly versatile option for any vlogger. It also comes with a carrying bag to help keep your equipment organized.

The VideoMicro Microphone is the middle option, priced at $145.95. It features an all-metal microphone body and deluxe furry windshield. When you register your microphone, you’re also eligible for a two-year extended warranty.

The most expensive option is the V-Mic D4 Duo Microphone. The bundle with this microphone costs $175.95. The V-Mic D4 Duo features dual cardioid pickup patterns and low noise circuitry. It’s a lightweight and versatile option that’s guaranteed to improve the audio of your vlogs.

No matter which microphone you choose for your Moment Android Microphone Bundle, this complete vlogging setup contains everything you need to take your vlogging to the next level.

Vlogging on a Smartphone


What else might you need to start a vlog without a camera? We did a whole post on how to vlog on a camera phone that you should definitely read. In addition to the gear you’ll also want a good third-party app for manual video control and some mobile filmmaking tips to make your vlog stand out! If you vlog on your smartphone then drop your Youtube channel in the comments section for people to check out.

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