VITA video editor app review and tutorial

VITA Video Editing App Review and Tutorial

Why is the VITA App such an intriguing option for mobile content creators? Well, it’s free for starters.

Additionally, it packs all the power you need and nothing you don’t. While apps like InShot dominate the niche, does VITA do enough to grab a dedicated market share?

We’ll do a full review of the app as well as a tutorial both to help you decide if it’s for you and to get you using it in no time.

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Is the VITA App a Good App?

VITA App claims that it:

  • Adds cool text fonts
  • Provides a place to easily build HD videos
  • Allows for adjustable speeds
  • Includes music to add to your videos
  • Has numerous filters for your color grading needs
  • Features video templates for quick and easy video editing

While this all sounds well and good, the app reviews on both the iOS and Play Stores paint a picture of a somewhat glitchy app. So, should you be concerned with sinking your time and effort into editing on the VITA app?

Is VITA app free? Really free? If you want to start a Youtube channel on a budget, then chances are you’re looking for a video editing app that does what you need and is actually completely free. This issue sounds like an easy one to solve, but with all the in-app purchases out there you’d be surprised.

Well, VITA is completely free, so rejoice.

VITA Video Editing App Review

Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android vita video editor

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The coolest feature of the app is all of the video templates. They’re easy to use and pretty aesthetically pleasing. If you’re a beginner, then these templates will save you hours of frustration and allow you to start getting your videos out there.

Are you making your videos for Youtube? Then you should read this to see what gear you should add first.

The VITA App Features –

  • The Edit tab, in which, you’ll be able to
    1. Split Clips
    2. Adjust Speed
    3. Reverse Clips
    4. Change Volume
    5. Copy, Delete, Rotate & Replace Selected Content
  • Transitions – There are 40+ different transition options. The question is, should you do your transitions in post or when you’re filming? Hint – the latter.
  • Aspect Ratios – Adjust the screen size of your video based on what you plan to use it for. VITA App has the different options clearly marked for ease of use.
  • Effects – There are over 300 different effect options in the VITA App.
  • Text – There are certainly a lot of customizable bits available in the texts tab, but according to reviews this is also where the majority of lagging and glitching issues occur. I would recommend going in another direction if your video is text-heavy.
  • Stickers – It seems like these moving cartoon stickers are becoming more and more popular. VITA includes an impressively varied selection of them.
  • Music – You can upload your own songs, choose from VITA App’s royalty-free music library, and add sound effects. The selection is actually pretty good.
  • Filter – Apply filters to one or to all images or videos added.
  • Additionally, adjust
    • Clip Background
    • Clip Scale
    • Clip Orientation
    • Clip Order

Do note, there’s no ability to voiceover in-app.  As a result, you have to add a step and app to your workflow to get a video finished.

VITA App Video Editing Tutorial

So, you’ve decided that VITA App is the video editor for you. Now, let’s get you using it proficiently enough to get a video edited and uploaded today.

VITA video editor app tutorial

Photos with Phones

To start your project you can either choose a blank one as I did for the Youtube video above or use one of VITA App’s templates. I did look through the templates and was impressed with two things:

  1. The sheer number and variability of available templates
  2. How easy it was to implement your work into the templates

If you run into any issues with VITA App’s templates, then feel free to ask questions in the comments – I can probably sort them out for you. For the purposes of this tutorial though I wanted to fiddle with all of the tools and I figured no template would allow me to use the most features.

So, let’s hit “+ New Project” and get started, shall we?

new project vita video editor app tutorial

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After you hit the New Project button you’ll be taken to your camera roll to select the media you’d like to include. VITA App has made this step super simple just like the rest of the app’s functionality.

new project vita video editing app tutorial

Photos with Phones

Now that you have your media in the timeline, you can select your clips and edit them. I’m going to keep mentioning how intuitive the whole app’s user face is because it’s just the truth. The most basic video editing functionality in the VITA video editor is no different.

The trimming tool – the “From Now” and the “Until Now” – is better than any other video editing app that I’ve used. Just find the in and out points of your clip and hit the button – easy as that. You can always drag from either side to add or detract from the clip. If you’re new to mobile video editing then this is undoubtedly the way to do it – frill free.

In addition, you can control volume, speed, cropping, and a whole host of other things on this screen. If you want a more in-depth review of any particular feature, then just let us know in the comments.

new project vita video editing app tutorial

Photos with Phones

So, you’ve got all your clips into the timeline and they’re trimmed to perfection, but one is out of order. No worries – just click the “Order” button and follow the simple instructions. Hold the clip that you want to move and just drag it to where you want it. Again, this couldn’t be more intuitive.

adding transitions vita video editing app tutorial

Photos with Phones

In the past, my go-to mobile video editor was InShot. I’ve always been bothered though by the lackluster free transition selection. Well, the VITA App blows InShot’s transitions out of the water. Seriously, it’s not even close.

While I try to do most of my video transitions in-camera, meaning I think through them before I press record, it’s nice to have as many options as VITA provides. If you’re new to recording smartphone videos, then this selection will be an invaluable tool for your mobile video editing.

add music vita video editing app tutorial

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Now, my two biggest qualms with the app have to do with stock footage and music. And, to be fair to VITA App, they aren’t enough to keep anyone away.

The selection of music and stock video is just a little lackluster. Now, for comparison, InShot isn’t much better in these regards so I’ll still give VITA the overall upper hand. If the selection were more impressive then I would probably make the switch for all future videos.

As it stands now though if you’re an Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro user, then you’re at an advantage, albeit a shrinking one. The time saved over the industry standards using VITA App is well worth any disadvantages.

trimming music vita video editor app tutorial

Photos with Phones

For example, I don’t love the song that I used in the b-roll sequence in the video above. At the same time, I got the royalty-free music from the app and was able to trim to the 29-second portion that I wanted without issue.

text vita video editing app tutorial

Photos with Phones

Now, as previously mentioned, adding text and effects was an area of concern. In my brief experience, however, there were no issues. I was able to format my text, try different animations, and adjust font and font size without any lag whatsoever.

To be honest, I feel bad that VITA’s App has the negative reviews that it has because my experience was anything but.

effects vita video editor app tutorial

Photos with Phones

When it comes to effects, VITA App does not disappoint. Not only is it super simple to add the effects, but they’re surprisingly effective and clean looking. The first one I put onto a clip literally blew me away.

It’s worth noting that overusing effects can have a gimmicky result. But, if used correctly VITA App’s effects can undoubtedly change the way your edit videos on your smartphone.

Enjoy other features like picture in picture and adjustable backgrounds before exporting your video. As far as exporting goes, just click the purple “Export” button in the top right-hand corner of the app. The video will download straight to your camera roll.


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The Consensus – VITA App

Reading reviews on both the iOS and Play Store before using the VITA App had me concerned. I must say, though, those concerns have been completely assuaged.

While my experience is just one person’s, this app feels worth it to any beginner. It’s functional, effective, and actually free. I repeat, something in 2020 that claims to be free really is – no premium plans or in-app purchases needed (I’m looking at you Peacock.).

If you’re new to the mobile filmmaking industry and you’re looking for a smartphone video editing app, then the VITA App is a perfect one to start with.

Download links for VITA App:
Download iOS  |  Android

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  • Namrata
    January 3, 2021

    How can I add an image in the video using VITA??

    • Joe Monk
      January 4, 2021

      Namrata, when you add video to your timeline, you also have the ability to add photos too! So you start by hitting “New Project” or by selecting a video template and pressing “Use Now.” At this point your camera roll should open in the apps with your media separated into videos and photos. While you’ll be in the video portion, a click on the photos tab at the top will allow you to add an image in the video using VITA.

      If you’re looking for Picture-in-Picture style images in your video select the PiP tab on the bottom scoller. Hope this helps!

  • Jaanu
    May 17, 2021

    1. how can i adding the little heart , bobbles and more similar effects on the images?
    2. I just want to see the other whatsapp status videos like sharechat , emoji ….Do it’s possible or impossible sir?

  • Ashika
    June 20, 2021

    Can I delete the photos imported into this app for editing.. the photos and the videos created just stays in the app.

    I just wanted to edit the video and save in my phone rather than it getting saved in the app. Will my photos be viewed by any people who are using this app.

    Please help

  • Leo
    September 19, 2021

    How can I find a specific template un the app? I’m looking for one named On the Golden.

  • Pat
    December 1, 2021

    CN I record over a song I decided I want a different one

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