The 3 Moment Fisheye Lenses

Although some mobile photographers shy away from fisheye lenses, they can be a great addition to your gear bag. Fisheye lenses have a reputation for being a bit gimmicky and some people claim that the distortion is unflattering.

It’s definitely true that images taken with a fisheye lens can be unsightly, but it’s also possible to take bad photos with the lens that comes on your smartphone. With a fisheye lens and a little creativity, you can take beautiful and unique images that you wouldn’t be able to capture with a regular wide-angle lens. With one of the three Moment fisheye lenses you’ll be able to do that with the camera that’s always in your pocket.

Why Moment Fisheye Lenses?

what is a fisheye lens for smartphone
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Firstly, you know about Moment, right? If anyone in the game is going to have three fisheye lenses, it’s going to be Moment.

Choose the right option and use the distortion of your fisheye lens in your favor to create incredible images of city landscapes, portraits, and creative close-ups. To get great photos with a fisheye lens, you need to be able to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Want to learn about smartphone fisheye lenses juxtaposed with the other types of mobile photography lenses? Learn about all the different types of lenses phone cameras.

If you’re ready to take that leap and experiment with your creativity, here are the three best smartphone fisheye lenses from Moment. No matter what type of smartphone you use for your mobile photography, Moment has a fisheye lens that will work for you.

Moment prices this lens at $119.99, but it comes with their lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your investment is protected. You will need either a Moment phone case or a Moment lens mount to attach the fisheye to your phone.

Moment Superfish 15mm Lens

Moment’s award winning 15mm Superfish Lens is compatible with their O-Series cases and mounting plates and is recommended for use with the iPhone 6 and older. If you’re not quite ready to upgrade your phone and want to make the most of your older iPhone, this is the lens for you.

Though this is a product made for older devices, you don’t need to worry about subpar quality. It’s still made with the same aerospace grade metal and hand-polished glass used for high end 4k film lenses.

The Superfish 15mm Lens offers the widest possible image while still delivering crispness and clarity from edge to edge. Whether you shoot still photos or video, the aspheric glass on the Superfish will give you professional quality images.

This lens is ideal for mobile photographers who shoot landscapes, portraits, videos, and more. Your scenes will appear larger than life without sacrificing any quality.

As with Moment’s other lenses, this one comes with a microfiber carrying bag to keep it clean when not in use. The O-Series lens cap is not included but can be purchased separately.

To be clear, Moment’s Superfish 15mm Lens is not compatible with their M-Series products, so be sure you’re working with their O-Series products before purchasing this lens.

The Superfish lens is priced on sale at just $63.99. As always, your purchase is backed by Moment’s lifetime warranty.

Moment Fisheye 15mm Lens

Moment’s classic Fisheye 15mm Lens is designed to be used with smartphones made in 2018 and earlier. This is because phones of that era were made with a slightly different base focal length.

The 15mm lens is compatible with older iPhone, Samsun, Pixel, and OnePlus devices. The lens also supports 62mm lens filters.

This lens is not to be confused with the Superfish 15mm as it is compatible with Moment’s M-Series cases and other products. Remember, the Superfish is compatible with their O-Series line.

The super wide angle of this lens gives you a 170-degree field of view. This is on average 75 degrees more than the cameras on most smartphones. 

Moment has reduced the curvature of the edges of the lens to ensure that your photos are as wide as possible without any black edges or dark corners.

With this lens, you’ll be able to access a special feature in Moment’s Pro Camera app. You’ll be able to correct the distortion of your photo so you can keep the width of the image but flatten it out.

The Fisheye 155mm Lens comes with a lens cap and microfiber carrying bag to keep your new lens clean and safe until you’re ready to use it.

The Moment Fisheye 15mm Lens is priced at $79.99 and comes with their lifetime warranty. For photographers on a budget, Moment also offers used fisheye lenses at a reduced price. However, used lenses come with a 12-month warranty rather than a lifetime warranty.

Moment Fisheye 14mm Lens

Moment’s 14mm Fisheye Lens is the perfect lens for anyone using one of the newest smartphones on the market. Whether you use an iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, or OnePlus device, this lens is compatible with the use of one of Moment’s M-Series cases. 

The lens even works with the new Night Mode available on the iPhone 11 Pro and Max.

The 14mm Fisheye Lens measures just 35.5mm in diameter and 27.58mm in height. It weighs almost nothing at just 73.1 grams, so you’ll never need to worry about lugging a heavy lens around to your photoshoot locations.

This incredible fisheye lens features a 170-degree field of view, which is 50 degrees wider than most ultra-wide-angle lenses. 

As with the 15mm lens, you’ll also have the ability to adjust the distortion in your images in the Moment Pro Camera app. Whether you want to completely flatten the image or just reduce the distortion a bit, the app gives you full control over your photos.

The brand new optical design of this lens produces edge to edge clarity without dark corners or vignettes. This means your images will be sharper and clearer than your average wide-angle lens.

The technology in this lens is a step up from Moment’s 15mm fisheye lens as it uses about 15% more of the image sensor and lets in 25% more light.

Moment’s newest fisheye lens is made using aerospace grade metal and cinema grade glass with 4 element bi-aspheric optics. Those elements maximize the abilities of the image sensor, leaving you with the highest quality image possible.

Moment’s Fisheye 14mm Lens comes with a lens cap and microfiber carrying bag. That way, your lens stays safe and sound no matter where you take it.

This lens is also compatible with the Osmo 3 and OM 4 gimbals. Though it may work with other gimbals, they may show clipping.

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