While we’re a great resource for information regarding your phone and photography, we’re acutely aware of the other smartphone photography courses in existence. They are our competition after all…

At the same time, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you where to get the best information. It’s our mission, after all, to help you produce your best photos and we’ll be damned if our business savvy is going to get in the way of that mission.

smartphone photography courses

DxOMark (Benoit Pepicq)

It doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you have, there are courses designed for you!

What’re you waiting for? Read on to sharpen and hone your photography skills!

Why Are These the Best Smartphone Photography Courses?

Smartphone Photography Courses

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Sometimes just typing in smartphone photography courses or best cameraphone photography tips into Google or Youtube isn’t the best method to improve your photos…

Who would’ve guessed? If those are what you’re going with for your searches, chances are you need some help and you need it bad.

Have no fear though because these are the top smartphone photography courses whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned professional.

Remember, narrowing what you’re searching for can be helpful too. For example, instead of searching for best smartphone photography courses maybe try how to shoot in raw on a smartphone or light painting with my smartphone. The latter searches will bring up fewer options, but they’ll surely be more applicable to what you’re trying to learn.

Also, you could try to search based on what kind of photographer you are. Do you find yourself capturing loads of landscapes? Maybe you’re a portraiture photographer. Remember, the value that you take from them is up to you!

What to look for when choosing smartphone photography courses…


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Make sure whatever source you’re using is legit. Chances are, if others are using their ideas and finding success then you will too!

Followers aren’t always the best indication of how good someone’s course is. For example, Smartphone Photography Training is definitely one of the best smartphone photography courses, but their Instagram barely has a thousand followers.

Do some reading on the actual website to get a feel for what each course is all about. Usually, the top-rated courses have a press page where they list their accomplishments (i.e. where they’ve presented, who’s published them, and on what platforms they’ve appeared). Check these pages out and compare your favorite courses when making your decision.


Who are the posts geared to? Are they strictly a smartphone photography course, or do they dabble in other photography as well?

These are questions that you must find answers to before diving headfirst into a course.

The post above is a perfect example of something that as a mobile phone photographer you might just scroll past. If you take a closer look though, there’s some pretty good information there…

What you might find is that a professional photographer’s courses help your photo composition while a smartphone photography course aids in getting the most out of your camera.

As we’ve said before, it’s all about what you take from it!

Their Work

If the instructor can’t take dope photos then chances are they can’t teach you to take even adequates ones…

That’s just common sense.

Find someone who’s tastes mesh well with yours so that your newfound knowledge isn’t conflicting with your imagination!

The 7 Best Smartphone Photography Courses

1. Smartphone Photography Training

Smartphone Photography Courses

Smartphone Photography Training

Created by Mark James, a self-described mobile phone purist, Smartphone Photography Training has some terrific videos on using your smartphone to its full capability.

We get it – videos are more entertaining than words (don’t worry…we’re working on it), If you’re one of those people that agree with this sentiment then checking out Mark’s work is an absolute must.

His thought process behind the training is that the technology in these new-fangled smartphones takes the technical side out of photography. What’s left is all about creativity, which as far as we’re concerned is what photography is really all about.

Smartphone Photography Training is certainly one of the very best smartphone photography courses in our book!

2. iPhone Photography School

Smartphone Photography Courses

Seats 2 Meet (Nadine Shaabana)

So, if you don’t have an iPhone we’re really sorry but this isn’t relevant to you. On the flip side, if you do some reading through their website you may just be convinced to make the change…

This site is fantastic – from the information on the blog to their unveilings of new technology to their in-depth tutorials, iPhone Photography School is top class.

Oh, and if you want to share your photos with other aspiring smartphone photographers then you can do that too.

An absolute no doubt inclusion in our best smartphone photography courses list.

3. Photography Concentrate

Smartphone Photography Courses

Photography Concentrate

So we’ll just go ahead and admit it, Photography Concentrate isn’t only about smartphone photography. They dabble in the whole field, but all of their work is valuable if you’re serious about your craft.

Oh, and talk about in-depth…

Photography Concentrate’s introduction to smartphone photography is well over 10,000 words. While the sheer amount of reading can be daunting, they do have nearly every answer to any question you could possibly have which makes them an invaluable tool.

Even if you can’t find specifically what you’re after, surely one of their 58 pages of posts can shed some light on whatever your problem is…

4. Photos and Tips

photo and tip smartphone photography course


What Photos and Tips lacks in breadth of smartphone photography resources, guides, and overall knowledge they made up for in the fact that they present their information simply and in an easily digestible format.

That’s one of the most invaluable resources though of good smartphone photography courses…

If you’re a beginner to the smartphone photography niche and you just want to compare the information you’ve gotten from Photos with Phones with someone else then Photos and Tips is a great option for you.

5. Anubhav Roy

So, unfortunately there is no website for this guy.

On the other hand, for those of us who are visual learners Roy’s YouTube presence can be an invaluable tool for better our smartphone photography.

The videos are presented in an engaging way and keep the viewer interested throughout. You’ll be inspired to go take photos after you’re finished, and chances are – as a result of your newfound knowledge – you’ll take some great ones too!

He has almost 170,000 YouTube subscribers for a reason. It’s worth noting too that videos are updated frequently and on a variety of topics within the smartphone industry.

Check him out. Even if you aren’t interested in learning smartphone photography from a video, you may just find that this guy changes your mind.

6. SkillShare

When it comes to SkillShare, we won’t be recommending a specific course to take, but instead a database to find a course perfect for your individual needs.

Courses vary in length and are taught by a multitude of different instructors, so you have the opportunity to find one that parallels what you want. For example, if you’re looking for camera phone basics, social media basics, or editing your smartphone photography they’re got you covered.

It is best to find a course with a lot of other students though as it is an indicator as to the quality of the course. If you find any courses of particular interest then be sure to drop the link in the comments!

7. Professional Photographers (like Peter McKinnon for example)

So these guys make their money with their fancy cameras. They’re making advertising money from the likes of  Canon, Nikon, and Ziess to promote their products in a positive way.

This means that they’re going to rag on smartphone photography.

So, if you’re going to use them as a resource to better your smartphone photography then you’ll have to keep this in mind – first and foremost.

At the same time, photography tips – and by that we mean good photography tips – are pretty much the same regardless of if you’re using a $3,500 DSLR camera or a smartphone camera.

You’ll have to pick and choose tips and tricks that are applicable to smartphone photography, but the needles that you’ll find in the haystacks are certainly worth a little hard work.

The Jist

So, now you have some additional sources of knowledge and inspiration as you continue on your smartphone photography journey. At the same time, we also have a little more additional wisdom to pass on to help cut through the B.S. (because, well, there’s always B.S.).

Take every piece of information you get with a grain of salt (yes, that means even what you get from us at Photos with Phones). While both we and our competitors can make blanket declarations regarding smartphone photography tips the fact of the matter is every photographer is different.

Keep what is taught to you in the back of your mind and you’ll surely take better photos.

On the other hand, these tips and tricks are more guidelines than actual rules.

So, use them as such.