A Smartphone Photoshoot for Every Season

As a smartphone photographer, you want to be prepared to shoot in any season. But sometimes, it can be challenging to come up with unique ideas that capture the distinctive feelings of summer, fall, winter, and spring.

If you’re looking for a little seasonal inspiration, we’ve gathered some ideas for the perfect smartphone photoshoot, no matter what time of year it is. So, get out your smartphone and start snapping photos! 

How to do a Summer Photoshoot on a Smartphone

summer photoshoot on a smartphone

For summer photoshoots, you want to think of the things and activities that define summer. Your colors should be vibrant and fun, and your photos should give off the relaxed vibe of summer. Think of everything you and your friends enjoy doing during summer.

Consider doing your smartphone photoshoot at the beach. The sun, sand, and water are the iconic symbols of summer, so it’s the ideal place for a seasonal photo session. Just remember to keep your smartphone and accessories protected from the elements!

Other fun summer activities to feature in your photos are picnics and camping. Enjoying nature is a classic summer event, so be sure to use some elements of these activities in your photos. If you’d prefer not to have people in your photos, summer is great for landscape photography too!

The warm nights of summer are the perfect time for trying your hand at night photography. Low light photography does require specific tools and techniques, so make sure your smartphone is capable of shooting at night. Once you’ve mastered night photography, you might consider giving astrophotography a try.

In addition to warmer nights, another benefit of the summer season is a longer golden hour. As most smartphone photographers are aware, the golden hour is an excellent opportunity to shoot outside with soft, natural lighting. Though you can take advantage of the golden hour at any time of the year, the soft, warm lighting is perfect for capturing that unique summer feeling.

Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day or National Bikini Day, consider doing a summer holiday-themed photoshoot with your smartphone. Summer is chock full of fun and exciting holidays, though some may be less well known than others. Regardless, it’s a unique opportunity to express your creativity through phone photography.

How to do a Fall Photoshoot on a Smartphone

Fall is probably the most quintessential season for photoshoots. Everyone loves the warm colors and cozy feeling of autumn. As the leaves begin to turn, become inspired and get ready for some great smartphone photoshoots.

One of the most essential fall photoshoots is to capture the changing colors of the leaves. Consider doing a photoshoot in the woods or elsewhere in nature. Have your subjects play in the leaves or use seasonal props.

When considering which props will work best for a fall photoshoot, think of the items that define autumn. Warm cider or cocoa, blankets, pumpkins, and leaves are all great ideas. Be sure to have your subjects dress in warm, natural colors to complement the warm tones of fall.

You might also consider doing your smartphone photoshoots during classic autumn activities. Try to visit the local pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Golden hour during fall provides the perfect light to capture the warm and cozy mood of the season.

Autumn is also full of fun and interesting holidays to use as a theme in your photoshoots. Halloween and Thanksgiving may be the most popular choices, but you might also want to try celebrating National Taco Day with a fun photoshoot.

How to do a Winter Photoshoot on a Smartphone

Karen Schanely Photography(@karen.schanely)
Karen Schanely Photography (@karen.schanely) – Learn more about her work, here.

Every photographer dreams of the perfect snow photoshoot, but it’s essential to make sure the details are right. Before your photoshoot, it can be helpful to think of your favorite things about winter. Think snow angels, hot cocoa, furry coats, and mittens.

Winter is often the season to spend time with family, so try using your smartphone to capture tender moments during family activities. Capture friends and family baking, ice skating, or snowball fighting. If you’re really ambitious, you can try action shots like skiing, snowboarding, or sledding.

Consider using winter-themed props in your photoshoots. These can include logs, sleds or sleighs, winter clothing, blankets, evergreen trees, and of course, snow. Whether you’re shooting indoors or out, you should be able to find props that remind you of winter.

If you’re serious about capturing the essence of winter, consider investing in a macro lens, such as the Macro 10x Lens by Moment. Macro lenses are ideal for capturing unique photos of snowflakes and ice. It makes snow photoshoots a breeze too.

Again, holiday photoshoots can be a fun way to celebrate winter. Though many people will focus on Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Day, you might want to try doing a photoshoot on December 9th for National Llama Day.

When doing winter photoshoots, remember to keep your smartphone and accessories protected from the snow. And don’t forget to stay warm!

How to do a Spring Photoshoot on a Smartphone

phone portrait photography
Joe Monk (@jmmobiphoto)

Spring is such a colorful season; you want to make sure your photoshoots reflect this. Most photographers choose colorful themes, either brightly colored or pastel. Having your subjects dress in colors similar to the flowers or trees you’ll be shooting around can be a beautiful way to celebrate spring.

Remember the proverb “April showers bring May flowers”? Use it as inspiration for photoshoots with your smartphone. A rainy day can result in photos just as beautiful as those shot in a field of flowers. 

Speaking of flowers, they’re one of the classic symbols of spring, so be sure to use them in your photos. If you can’t find a field of wildflowers to shoot in, you can always place a flower crown on your subject’s head to give your photos a touch of spring.

Baby animals are also a ubiquitous sign of spring, so whether you’re shooting wildlife in their natural habitat or your friend’s new pet bunny, spring is the time to do it. 

If you’re interested in a holiday-themed shoot for spring, get out those bunny ears and Easter eggs. Spring is the perfect time to capture photos of family, especially kids, enjoying the season. As always, be sure to have your subjects dressed in colors that complement the scene and reflect that spring feeling!

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