Sandmarc Macro Lens vs Moment Macro Lens Shootout

Sandmarc vs Moment is as big a slugfest in the world of smartphone photography as there is, and comparing their macro phone lens offerings is no different.

So, we’ll compare the Sandmarc Macro Lens vs the Moment Macro Lens by taking the same photos on the iPhone 11 Pro with both lenses. See example shots side by side before choosing whether the Sandmarc or Moment macro lens is right for you.

If you like this comparison, then check out the series on the Youtube channel.

Sandmarc vs Moment – Smartphone Macro Lenses

Before we get into things, let’s be sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of smartphone macro photography. If you don’t know the right information, then it doesn’t matter how good your mobile macro lens is, right?

Rhetorical question. You’ll need the right information, so read the guide or watch the Youtube video and then come back here.

Moment 10x Macro Lens

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Moment is expensive and, like Apple, they don’t really give you everything you need to get started in a single purchase. At the same time, Moment’s lenses are good enough that they can do this and still be the industry standard. Unfortunately, it’s just the way the mobile photography world works.

But, if you can stomach the price tag for the lens alone and the two additional dinners you’ll have to skip to pick up the M-Series Case and a Rear Lens Cap, then your spending spree will be rewarded. The bayonet mounting system in the Moment case is far superior to the Sandmarc case (albeit Sandmarc did send their old case that was notoriously bad – more on that later). There is never any concern over losing your Moment lens once it’s twisted into place.

As far as the performance of the Moment 10x Macro Lens, it left a little to be desired. While it performed well in some of the shots above, it performed quite poorly in others. The third photo of the pack of stroopwafels is out of focus and overall just trash. I took a bunch of other photos too, and they all looked relatively similar.

While in the past I’ve been gung-ho about the Moment Macro Lens offering, I have to admit that I feel the Sandmarc Macro Lens got the better of it in this test. Let me know if you agree with my assessment in the comments.

Sandmarc Macro Lens

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Before we talk about the Sandmarc Macro Lens we first need to talk about the fact that Sandmarc sent us their old iPhone 11 Pro cases instead of their new ones. The issue in this is that the old cases were notorious for being cheaply made and flimsy, whereas the new ones are more like the Moment M-Series Case (some people even say better).

Now, this is unfortunate for Sandmarc because I can’t in good faith say that their macro offering is superior to Moment’s because the mounting system that I was sent didn’t do the job. Perhaps when we get the new Sandmarc case, then I can amend this section of the Sandmarc Macro Lens review.

In terms of the lenses performance though, I was pretty blown away. In the majority of head to head tests it outperformed the Moment Macro Lens in terms of image clarity and vignetting – two of the biggest areas of interest in smartphone macro photography. If I could be assured that I would receive the most up to date iPhone case, then I would choose the Sandmarc Macro Lens over the Moment 10x Macro Lens.

Until I get the right Sandmarc case though, you best believe I’m sticking with Moment.

I have the right case now. Watch the video about the Sandmarc Pro Case for iPhone 11 Pro.

4 thoughts on “Sandmarc Macro Lens vs Moment Macro Lens Shootout

  1. I had a Moment Macro lens and it was constantly coming off. In my experience it does not tightly lock into place. About a month ago it fell off somewhere in the woods never to be seen again. Loved it til I lost it. Wish I could get a replacement but $120 is a lot of money.

    1. Kerri – oh no that’s so unfortunate! I’ve never had any issues with the lenses falling off. The Sandmarc lenses are mounted via threading as opposed to Moment’s bayonet style mounting if that’s something you’re interested in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I’ll definitely share your experiences with others.

  2. I just ordered the Sandmarc macro lens and case combo for my iPhone 12 mini, as I need a dedicated but quick macro camera for my watch collecting hobby. I’m the only one in the family with an iPhone, so if someone wants to borrow it they’ll have to use the clip. But regarding the case, does anyone have any input as to which case comes in the combo kit? I do not believe it is the Magnet Equipped model, if that makes a difference (it shouldn’t, but that might indicate which generation case it is) and I may cut out a hole for the MagSafe charger. Have I made a grave mistake in ordering the Sandmarc over the comparable Moment set? Keep in mind that at the time of writing, I’m talking about a $38 difference in price… $72 vs $110 before tax/shipping, with all discounts applied.

    1. Matt – great questions. Your purchase of the Sandmarc Macro Lens will come with a Standard case which is your basic plastic phone (i.e. no magnets) case with threading for your lens. In my experience, the Standard Case is frustrating to use as well as it frequently misthreads and is prone to breaking. That being said it is free and Moment would charge an extra $40 for a case for your iPhone 12 Mini…

      I would recommend using the lens for a little while and then upgrading to the Sandmarc Pro Case of your choice. I much prefer mine to the Standard Cases I received with my initial purchase. I hope this helps!

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