Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Camera Review

You may not even know that Samsung has phones other other than the Galaxy series but their budget offerings boast surprisingly good cameras for the money. This post will focus on the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G camera but will do so in relation to the:

  • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A42 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A21
  • Samsung Galaxy A12
  • Samsung Galaxy A11
  • Samsung Galaxy A02s

That’s a lot of budget Samsung smartphone cameras to choose from, huh? Don’t worry – you’ll understand the differences in all these soon enough.

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Camera


The first thing to note about the A32 is that it only comes with 64GB of storage which is a bummer.

In the rear of the Galaxy A32 5G you’ll find a 48MP main/wide camera with f1.8, an 8MP ultrawide camera with f2.2, a 5MP macro camera with f2.4, and a 2MP depth camera with f/2.4. That’s a seriously impressive array of camera for around $200. Additionally, the Galaxy A32 5G offers a 13MP selfie camera which competes with front facing cameras way above this price point.

In terms of video, you’ll be able to shoot in 4k @ 30fps and 1080p @ 30/120fps with the rear cameras which isn’t all that impressive when the Samsung Galaxy S21 offers 8k video capture and 960fps slow-motion video.

Before discussing any other Samsung phones, let’s first discuss the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G cameras because technical specs don’t make or break mobile photography and filmmaking.

  • 48MP Main Camera – impressive performance in the 48MP camera’s dedicated mode and reasonable performance otherwise both in terms of color accuracy and low light capability.
  • 8MP Ultrawide Camera – the look of the ultrawide is an awesome one to pair with the main/wide camera but the 8MP design leaves something to be desired in terms of clarity.
  • 5MP Macro Camera – you should really find some way to attach a smartphone macro photography lens to the main camera because the 5MP macro offering isn’t great. It would’ve been nice to have a tele lens options instead of the macro simply for usability’s sake.
  • 2MP Depth Camera – this really just adds bokeh to your photos in Portrait Mode so advertising this as a quad-camera phone isn’t totally truthful. That being said, Samsung’s camera software performs better than expected especially with the bokeh.
  • 13MP Selfie Camera – accurate colors and a reasonable megapixel count – what more is there to ask for in a selfie camera? Maybe some sort of slow-motion video would be nice.

Other Budget Samsung Smartphone Cameras

The Verge

Tech specs do not a good smartphone camera make. The iPhone 12 Pro camera is the best option for smartphone photography and filmmaking even though it has around 1/10 of the megapixels because it performs. That being said, you don’t need the best smartphone camera to capture good photos and videos – any option on this list will suffice for beginners.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Camera

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Camera review

While the Galaxy A52 5G may seem like the biggest and best budget offering Samsung has to offer, it lags behind the A42 5G in terms of both screen size and battery. The 120Hz display in the Galaxy A52 5G is impressive though not particularly helpful as a mobile photographer or filmmaker. The Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) does improve video captures over previous models in regards to vibrations and micro-shakes.

  • 64MP Main Camera
  • 12MP Ultrawide Camera
  • 5MP Macro Camera
  • 5MP Depth Camera
  • 32MP Front Camera –

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Camera

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Camera review

The Galaxy A42 5G comes standard with a slightly larger screen than the A52 5G and a much improved battery. While the technical specs of the main camera dip a little bit from the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G to the A42 5G, the performance doesn’t. Because the full potential of the main camera in both cases requires the use of a dedicated camera mode the difference in performance is negligible. Now, before you choose to pickup the A42 with 5G it must be noted that this phone comes with a 60Hz refresh rate which is abysmal. If you like playing games or watching videos on your smartphone then you should not but the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G.

  • 48MP Main Camera
  • 12MP Ultrawide Camera
  • 5MP Macro Camera
  • 5MP Depth Camera
  • 32MP Front Camera

Samsung Galaxy A21 Camera

Samsung Galaxy A21 Camera review

Are you looking for lots of cameras in a smartphone that won’t break the bank? Then the Samsung Galaxy A21 may be for you as it comes with a quad-rear-camera setup and a reasonably well-performing selfie camera. While the A21 isn’t 5G compatible it does boast an impressive 6.5″ display, a reasonable 4000mAh battery, and expandable storage which in 2021 seems to be an afterthought for the competition. Yes, there are better smartphone cameras out there but not for this price.

  • 16MP Main Camera
  • 8MP Ultrawide Camera
  • 2MP Macro Camera
  • 2MP Depth Camera
  • 13MP Front Camera

Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera

Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera review

The Samsung Galaxy A12 is pretty similar to the A21 as it features the same camera setup with different technical specs. The A12 boasts a seriously impressive 48MP main/wide shooter while the rest of its lenses pale in comparison to the A21. The A12 also features a slightly smaller display than the A21.

  • 48MP Main Camera
  • 5MP Ultrawide Camera
  • 2MP Macro Camera
  • 2MP Depth Camera
  • 8MP Front Camera

Samsung Galaxy A11 Camera

Samsung Galaxy A11 Camera review

We’ve entered the point of this list where the smartphone camera’s performance is lacking. If you can afford it, you should choose an option from higher up on this list or consider another option altogether (maybe the Motorola Edge+, Google Pixel 4a with 5G, or the OnePlus 8 Pro).

That being said, the Samsung Galaxy A11 camera setup does feature two useable rear cameras and a passable front one. For reference, the iPhone 5 came standard with an 8MP camera so you can expect similar results from the A11 camera.

  • 13MP Main Camera
  • 5MP Ultrawide Camera
  • 2MP Depth Camera
  • 8MP Front Camera

Samsung Galaxy A02s Camera

Samsung Galaxy A02s camera Review

The Samsung Galaxy A02s is not a good camera for a smartphone. The 13MP main camera is okay, but the 2MP macro camera is a waste and the 5MP front camera is only usable in the best of lighting scenarios. It is worth saving your money for a more impressive smartphone for mobile photography and filmmkaing.

  • 13MP Main Camera
  • 2MP Macro Camera
  • 2MP Depth Camera
  • 5MP Front Camera

Is the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Camera Good?

Compared to the options on this list the A32 with 5G camera is impressive but not quite as good as the slightly more costly A42 and A52. When up against the A21, A12, A11, and A02s, though, the A32’s camera really shines. What are you thoughts on these budget mobiles from Samsung? Let’s discuss them in the comments section below.

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  1. I aggree. Though the difference between photo quality of A32 and the A52 is small.

    1. Fran – thanks for the nice comment. I agree that the difference in photo quality between the A32 and A52 isn’t worth the additional price.

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