Moment 14mm Fisheye Lens Review

When you hear fisheye lens, you probably picture the 90s music video staple that features a literal frame around the image. The traditional fisheye effect looks like it belongs in a Nirvana music video.

The Moment 14mm fisheye lens is refreshingly not like a traditional fisheye. In fact, the 14mm fisheye lens from Moment is an absolute must-have if you’re interested in vlogging on your smartphone. Even if you aren’t interested in vlogging, though, the Moment 14mm fisheye lens is worth considering – particularly in comparison to the 18mm wide lens.

Is the Moment Fisheye Lens Good?

Play with the image slider above to see what the Moment Fisheye Lens does to a native iPhone 11 Pro Wide Lens!

The Moment 14mm fisheye lens is a full-frame fisheye which means it captures a full image instead of including that wonky black frame. It features a 170-degree field of view which is a lot compared to the 120-degree ultrawide lens on my iPhone 11 Pro. There is also no vignetting towards the edges of the images, though image clarity towards the edges isn’t as crisp as the 18mm.

Moment lenses used to come with a lifetime warranty, but now you have to purchase an extended warranty for your Moment lens through Extend. I do not have experience with Extend, but if you do, please comment on your experience so that I can share it with other readers.

Moment’s fisheye lens is compatible with newer iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel devices by using an M-Series Case, which is an additional purchase. You can also mount Moment lenses to iPhone using a BeastCage from BeastGrip or a universal option like the Moment M-Series Lens Mount or the BeastGrip Pro Series Lens Adapter.

Moment 14mm vs Moment 18mm

Play with the image slider above to see what the Moment Fisheye Lens looks like compared to the Moment 18mm Wide Lens!

There are several reasons you could be interested in the Moment 14mm, but the most common one is the wider field of view. As a result, people who are interested in the 14mm also seem to gravitate towards the Moment 18mm wide lens.

The 14mm fisheye from Moment is going to be slightly wider than the 18mm and feature more of a distorted fisheye effect towards the edges of your photos and videos. That being said, the subject of your content will be crisply in focus when using either lens. Choosing the Moment 14mm or 18mm is really more of a preference situation, but in my experience, I use the 14mm in cities and the 18mm when shooting landscapes.

I find the fisheye effect of the Moment 14mm to be aesthetically pleasing in cities as it tends to better go with the vibe of both photos and videos. The Moment 18mm doesn’t feature any distortion or fisheye effect and, as a result, produces a wider field of view that is accurate, which is ideal for landscapes.

Moment 14mm Fisheye Lens Uses

Fisheye lenses tend to be featured primarily in music videos and action shots – both photo and video ones. An iPhone full-frame fisheye lens like the Moment 14mm is also great for vlogging on a smartphone as you can turn your phone around and capture a 170-degree field of view. This feature means that you’ll never miss the action even if you can’t see what you’re filming.

Moment Fisheye 14mm vs 15mm

I don’t have the Moment 15mm fisheye lens because I have a newer smartphone. I understand that the 15mm fisheye lens from Moment is an O-Series model or one of their older lines. I don’t feel like the lens is worth the cost for me personally, so I don’t have any Moment fisheye lenses other than the 14mm.

Does Moment Make the Best iPhone Fisheye Lens?

Best iPhone Fisheye Lens Moment Fisheye Lens 2021
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If you’re in the market for an iPhone fisheye lens, then the Moment 14mm needs to be at or near the top of your list. Moment’s fisheye features a 170-degree field of view without falling into the trap of too much distortion. The result? An awesome mobile fisheye lens that’s great for action and vlogging alike.

Want to learn more about Moment lenses? Read the entire Moment Lens Review to get a better idea as to what Moment’s lineup of mobile lenses can do for your content. Or, just watch the Youtube video.

What are your thoughts on the Moment 14mm fisheye lens? Are you a fan of Moment lenses? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Moment lenses in the comments!

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