Moment 10x Macro Lens Review

A good mobile macro lens is a worthwhile investment and the Moment 10x is one of the best. But, what does the lens do to your phone’s native camera?

In this Moment 10x Macro Lens review we’ll go over just that and explain everything you need to know before purchasing a Moment lens.

Reviewing the Moment 10x Macro Lens

See what the 10x optical zoom offered by the Moment 25mm Macro Lens looks like on the main camera of my iPhone 11 Pro by playing with the image comparison slider above.

Most mobile macro lenses feature optical zoom ranging from 4x to 20x and the lenses can be mounted on both the main and tele lenses on multi-camera setups. Do note that because of the wide field of view of ultrawide cameras you won’t be able to mount the Moment macro lens to that one.

Optical zoom is different than digital zoom and if you don’t know why then you should read this. The short of it is that optical zoom is like binoculars for a camera whereas digital zoom is exactly the same as cropping. 

Attaching the Moment 25mm lens to your phone’s camera provides one of, if not, the most impressive mobile macro capabilities out there (see the Moment macro compared to the Sandmarc macro here). While the depth of field of the lens is fairly small you’ll still get a decent amount in focus.

Now, let’s talk about what you need to know about Moment lenses before purchasing one.

Is the Moment Macro Lens Worth It?

Moment lenses are impressive but they aren’t going to magically improve your phone camera’s quality. There seem to be some unreasonable expectations in the reviews on Moment’s site.
In that same vein, you’ll also need to purchase a way to mount your Moment lens – this is another common complaint in reviews of Moment lenses. There are three main options for mounting Moment lenses and they include

  1. Moment M-Series Case – made for the newest iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel devices at a number of price points (check out used options as well). Some reviews say Moment photo cases are cheaply made and prone to breakage but my experience couldn’t be more different. I’m currently on my 4th Moment phone case and everyone has lasted the full life of my phone without any issues with the bayonet mounting system that’s used for mounting all my Moment lenses.
  2. Moment M-Series Lens Mount – created as a universal option for mounting Moment lenses. I will be creating a video for the Youtube channel about Moment’s universal mount but my initial thoughts are similar to the reviews on Moment’s site – it’s underwhelming. Even still, if it’s your only option for mounting Moment lenses then it may still be worth purchasing.
  3. BeastCage by BeastGrip – while not a Moment product the BeastCage offers 20 1/4″ mounting options which is ideal for attaching some sort of external lighting. This option is the highest quality one on this list but does cost a pretty penny. Do note that the purchase of the BeastCage from BeastGrip comes with mounting options for BeastGrip, Moment, Sandmarc, and ShiftCam lenses.

Consensus on the Moment 25mm Macro Lens

Moment 25mm Macro Lens
Photos with Phones

The Moment macro lens does what you expect it to do without breaking the bank. I have traditional photographer friends who I recommend the macro lens from Moment to all the time because it makes macro photography so accessible to all kinds of skill levels.

While there is room for improvement in regards to how deep the window of focus is, the Moment 10x macro lens is particularly useful for accenting shots and even for mobile filmmaking. Are you going to pick up the Moment 25mm macro lens? For what are you going to use it?

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