Mobile Photography Ideas at Home by Yourself

It’s hard being a mobile photographer stuck at home, but with a little creativity, you can sharpen your skills and capture unique photos without ever leaving your house.

If you can’t get outside to shoot like you normally do, now might be the time to try a new type of photography. If you’ve always wanted to shoot portraits or get into food photography or filmmaking, now is the time! We’ve got 5 1/2 mobile photography ideas at home by yourself that’re sure to get your brain moving.

The key to mobile photography at home is to get creative, so we’ve gathered some inspiration to help you jump-start your creativity.

5 1/2 Mobile Photography Ideas at Home by Yourself

The mobile photography ideas at home by yourself video provides more specific instructions on how to capture the shot. Give it a watch to see how five ideas turned into five and a half.

Smartphone Portraits

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Photos with Phones

One of the easiest types of mobile photography to do at home is portrait photography. If you’ve never tried portrait photography before, check out our guide for more information on how to get started.

Gather up your family, roommates, or even pets and try out your favorite portrait techniques. Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with your subjects. You can also try photographing them from unique angles or experiment with depth of field.

If you live alone, you’ll have to be your own model. If self-portraits are new to you, you might want to invest in a remote camera shutter if you don’t have one already. These nifty tools connect to your phone via Bluetooth and allow you to press the shutter from afar.

For perfect self-portraits, you’ll also want to use a tripod. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, a tripod will help stabilize your phone so you can multitask as both model and mobile photographer.

Mobile Filmmaking

It does take a bit of creativity to succeed with filmmaking at home, but it can be done, so why not give it a shot? 

You can get started by creating a short film. Perhaps you want to create something with an air of drama or simply document your everyday life. Whatever you choose to film, your mobile device contains all the latest technology to help you create a unique work of art.

Filmmaking is best done with a plan, so think about what you’d like to film and how you’d like it to look. If you’re filming a dark or moody short film, you’re going to need different lighting, angles, etc. than if you choose to film a comedy.

If you’re new to shooting video with your phone, read our guide to videography to find out what tools you need to get started and what techniques will help you produce professional-quality videos in the comfort of your own home.

Photo and Video Editing

What better time to work on your editing skills than when you’re stuck at home? Use this time to sharpen your skills and experiment with different techniques. Whether your forte is still photography or videos, you can take advantage of your downtime to try something new.

Perhaps you’re still developing your own unique style, or you’d like to try something similar to your favorite Instagram photographers. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to upload your photos to your favorite editing application and get started.

Have you ever tried creating a double exposure? How about your very own presets? No matter how good of a mobile photographer you are, editing gives you the opportunity to take your photos from just great to simply incredible, so it’s definitely a skill worth learning.

One of the most common questions from mobile photographers is whether it’s best to edit your photos on your computer or your phone. We’ve done the research and have gathered the information you need to answer this controversial question, so click here to learn more.

Themed Photos

If you’re looking for a way to exercise your creativity, challenge yourself to take photos with a different theme each day. You can plan out your themes for a set time period, such as a week or month, or decide on a new theme each day.

Your theme of the day can be anything you’d like, so consider taking photos focusing on certain colors, textures, or ideas.

If you want to combine your themes with your new passion for portrait photography, you can also try dressing up or having your family or roommates dress up according to the day’s theme.

Almost everyone has holiday decorations lying around, so why not make the most of them? Do a photoshoot for a different holiday each day. The only limit you have here is your creativity.

If you’re searching for seasonal smartphone photography photoshoot ideas, then you’re in luck. We’ve got a guide for that.

Use Interesting Props

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Photos with Phones

One of the best ways to make mobile photography at home more interesting is to use everyday objects in unique ways. The key here is to experiment with composition, lighting, and depth of field.

Try shooting through bottles of water or using the furniture in your home to shoot from different angles. You can even fill up your bathtub and sprinkle flowers collected from your yard for a floral photoshoot.

Another interesting idea is to incorporate matches or candles into your photos. With the right techniques, you can create fiery photos without ever leaving your house. 

Food and drinks can also provide you with a unique supply of props. You can try photographing the movement of liquids being poured or try putting sprinkles on nearly anything. Don’t be afraid to raid your pantry for new prop ideas.

Are you inspired and a little hungry? Give our smartphone food photography guide a read to go down that rabbithole a little further.

Play with Light

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Photos with Phones

You might think that your options for experimenting with light indoors are limited, but you just aren’t thinking outside the box yet. Whether you’re taking advantage of the golden hour near a window or are experimenting with artificial light, use your imagination to make use of the light you have available.

Curtains can be a great way to alter the light coming in through your windows. Whether you have blackout curtains or lace, you can use them creatively to capture unique photos. Don’t have curtains? Try using lace or silk scarves or even bedsheets to soften or change the lighting.

Another fun way to experiment with light is to cut out different shapes into paper and place them near a light source. Those stars or hearts will then show up on your subject, creating an atmosphere like no other.

Speaking of atmosphere, using lights in different colors can help set the mood for your photos. Smart bulbs are a quick and easy way to change the lighting in your home, but you can also use devices like laptops or tablets to create a distinctive look for your photos.

If you really want to go all out with the playing with light idea, then you should consider light painting a your smartphone.

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