best mobile macro lenses 2020

3 Best Mobile Macro Lenses

One of the downsides of smartphone photography is that our mobile devices often struggle with capturing high-quality photos of subjects up close. We end up with images that are distorted or out of focus. Thankfully, this problem can be overcome with a new mobile macro lens. Macro lenses allow us to capture professional quality images

how to fix phone camera lens scratches and breaks

How to Fix Phone Camera Lens Scratches

You may be surprised to hear that it can be difficult to scratch your phone’s camera lens. This is because most smartphones have a scratch-resistant coating on the lens to help protect it from damage. Think about all the times you’ve accidentally dropped your phone or shoved it into your pocket or purse with your

smartphone macro photography

2020 Smartphone Macro Photography Guide

Macro photography is a unique niche of photography, and one that is great to try on a smartphone! Check out this smartphone macro photography guide to learn what we mean.

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