Grain – iPhone Color Grading App From Moment

If you’re a mobile filmmaker then chances are you’re disappointed with the color grading apps on the market – I know I am. Is Moment’s new app, Grain – Video Preset Maker, any different?

In this post, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about the app. From creating LUTS to comparing the free and paid versions of the app to exporting and sharing your looks, you’ll learn it all. So, get your Grain app open and be ready to follow along.

Moment’s New Color Grading App – Grain

As is the case with most mobile photography and filmmaking apps on the market today, there are both free and paid versions of Grain. Below you’ll be able to see the differences between them.

In my personal experience, though, you really only need to have the Grain+ app when you need more professional LUTs. To explain, I made a few different LUTs when I first subscribed to the app for the above video but I canceled my subscription soon afterward. I have since restarted my subscription a few times when I need to create additional LUTs but I don’t use the app enough to warrant paying for it 12 months a year.

You can download the LUTs that I created for the video by clicking on the link. Be sure to tag #PhotoswithPhones in anything you use them in – not because I want credit, but because I want to see what you’ve created!

Free vs Paid Versions of the Grain App from Moment

Free vs Paid Versions of the Grain App from Moment
Photos with Phones

With Grain (Free Version):

  • 1 editable template look
  • Create unlimited looks
  • Basic color slider tools
  • Import clips from camera roll (up to 3 clips, 5s max)
  • Preloaded video library with high-quality sample clips
  • 3 color presets
  • 3 effects (Grain, Dust, Color Shift)
  • 1 single-frame layout preset
  • Share looks via iMessage, Airdrop, etc.
  • Shoot with looks in RTRO

With Grain+ (Paid Version):

The paid version of Grain from Moment has a variety of buy-in options

  • 3 editable template looks
  • 9 exclusive color presets
  • Unlimited length for clips and videos
  • Premium color tools – sliders, curves, HSL, wheels
  • Import and export LUTs
  • Export effects as overlays
  • Stocked library with pro-level effects
  • Customizable frames and overlay presets
  • Special overlay layers – sprockets, text, and more

Is Grain The Best Video Color Grading App For iPhone?

Is Grain The Best Video Color Grading App For iPhone?
Photos with Phones

I enjoyed my experience using Grain but there are a few less than ideal things about the app. If you don’t have a better option for color grading though, Grain offers the best interface for color correction on iOS.

Below you’ll find my quips with Grain+ – the premium version of the app. I suppose I could’ve given you the pros of the Grain color grading app from Moment but when you pay for an app, you expect it to do what it should do, right? The things I’ve listed below are things I expected the app to do that it did not do.

Can You Grade in a Horizontal Aspect Ratio on Grain?

No – you cannot rotate the app. I understand that the Grain app from Moment is designed for videos for Instagram and TikTok but the fact is there are going to be users that can’t afford a computer for video editing and color correction that want to do both on their phones. The inability to work in a horizontal aspect ratio effectively is a slap in their face. In the video linked above I was creating a color grade for an Instagram reel about my Moment Anamorphic Lens. I had to keep making the footage full screen to look at my work and even then because it’s anamorphic footage it was nearly impossible to see minute changes. Big bummer.

How Are My Edits Saved In Grain?

I found it very difficult to understand the organization of my edits within a color grade. For example, if I were to apply an effect of some kind to the footage to test the look how am I to remember what it was. Better yet, how do I delete it. Well – it took me 20 minutes to figure out because the video Moment posted about the app doesn’t give much info on functionally using the app. Here is how to understand organization in Grain in a few easy-to-follow steps:

  • Click in to your desired effect
  • Double tap the effect on the top of the library (i.e. Grain, Sharpen, etc)
  • Tap the X
  • It may take you a few tries to figure out how to do it consistently

Pausing the clip. I don’t know – maybe I’m dumb – but I was making the clip full screen, pausing, and going back to partial screen to edit. The edits wouldn’t show up until I restarted the clip. If you literally just tap the clip from the editing screen then you can color grade and see your work in real time.
Comparing the original and the grade – it’s simple to do but I only figured out how to do it by accident so I figured it’s worth sharing. While the clip is playing, hold your finger on the player. Release to go back to the grade.

Is Grain the Best Moment App?

Is Grain the Best Moment App?
Photos with Phones

Grain is a useful app for mobile filmmaking, sure. But, is it Moment’s best app? Probably not. The Moment Pro Camer App is arguably more useful on a daily basis. Care to learn more? See the Moment Pro Camera App compared to the BeastCam Pro Camera App for another level of mobile mastery!

That being said, if you need an iOS color grading app then Grain is your best option. Comment your thoughts and questions about the app below – I’d love to discuss!

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