Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera Review

Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera Review

In this camera review, see Google Pixel 6 Pro sample pictures from all the camera modes. Watch the accompanying Youtube video for sample video too!

Redmi Note 10 Camera Review


Is the Redmi Note 10 camera good? For the cost, there aren’t many better. Learn about Redmi’s Note 10 mobile camera tech specs and performance, here.

Motorola Edge+ Camera Review

The Verge

Is the Motorola Edge+ camera any good? In a world dominated by Apple, Samsung, and Google, how can Motorola hope to compete? For context, the original Motorola Razr was released in 2005 and the company actually exited the flagship smartphone industry for awhile. But, Motorola’s Edge lineup signals their return to flagship smartphones and, to… Continue reading Motorola Edge+ Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Review

Photo by Zana Latif on Unsplash

The most dramatic changes between Samsung’s S10, S20, and S21 lineups are in their camera. Upon the release of the Galaxy S20 line, users flocked to Samsung stores to get their hands on the latest Galaxy smartphone – specifically for the cameras. But what makes the Galaxy S20 cameras so unique, and how do they… Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Review

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Review


Combining a sleek design with the latest hardware you can get your hands on, the Xiaomi Mi 10 houses an incredible 108MP camera. But is it as impressive as it sounds? In this article, we’re focusing on a Xiaomi Mi 10 camera review – how it performs against other phones in the same class and… Continue reading Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera Review

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