Is it Lens or Lense?

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It may seem like a patronizing question, but which is the correct singular of lenses – lens or lense? Many people argue that because the plural of a single lens is lenses, it only follows that the correct singular format of the word should, in fact, be lense. While obviously, Photos With Phones is not… Continue reading Is it Lens or Lense?

2021 Top Smartphone Camera Accessories


Think about it, when you shoot DSLR, you most certainly have accessories – lenses, tripods, handhelds, and any number of other things. Why would you treat your phone photography any differently?

Best Mobile Phones for Night Photography in 2020

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Mobile phone photography shouldn’t be limited to the daytime, and luckily, smartphone manufacturers recognize that fact. So, here are the best mobile phones for night photography in 2020

The Absolute Best Camera Phone – Ranked Ten to One

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When you search for the best camera phone, you know the one with the best camera for professional photography, chances are you’re running into one of two problems. One, whether in a Verizon store or online, the entity giving you your information is immediately recommending the new iPhone. Whomever you’re dealing with is just pitching… Continue reading The Absolute Best Camera Phone – Ranked Ten to One

The 2018 Guide: Comparing Phone Cameras

Ask any photographer what they think about phone cameras and they’ll quickly dismiss them as being relevant only to amateurs (they won’t even try comparing phone cameras). They’ll question the phone’s capacity to take quality professional like images; if you think about it though, their logic makes sense. More importantly, ask them again after a… Continue reading The 2018 Guide: Comparing Phone Cameras

9 Best Apps for Editing Photos

Do you want the power of Photoshop on your phone, but just can’t the ideal apps for editing photos? Well, good on you for looking. We’ve got the best apps for editing photos so that your nightmare can officially end. Sometimes the world of technology can be confusing, what with its jargon and specialized knowledge,… Continue reading 9 Best Apps for Editing Photos