The 3 Best Wide Lenses for Androids

Wide-angle lenses are among the most popular camera add-ons today. As the name suggests, they’re used to increase your camera’s field of view.

Wide angles are perfect for capturing stunning cityscapes, landscapes, and architecture. If used nearer to the subject, they can make it appear larger by stretching the camera’s perspective. But are there wide lenses for Androids?

In this article, we’re going to shed light on some of the best wide lenses for Androids in 2021. Before we do that, we feel the need to shed light on the differences between wide and regular lenses. 

Why Add a Wide Lens to an Android?

In a nutshell, wide-angle lenses have a substantially shorter focal length than regular lenses which makes them, you guessed it, wider. They’re frequently used for real estate, landscape, cityscape, and street photography. 

While some high-end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, Huawei Mate 40 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro have ultrawide capabilities, they don’t typically allow one to lock focus and exposure or use Night Mode. While fisheye lenses achieve a similar effect, they do so with a fisheye distortion whereas an Android wide lens will have a more natural look.

If you’re new to mobile photography and filmmaking and don’t know what type of lens is best for beginners, then consider getting yourself a wide-angle as they’re jack-of-all-trades option. A wide lens for Androids will provide a different look from your native cameras but not one that requires learning a ton of new information. For reference, macro and anamorphic lenses require much more knowledge from the outset in terms of preparation – the lenses discussed in this guide are more plug and play.

Advantages of Using a Wide Lens 

1. Greater Field of View

2. More Creative Freedom

As a photographer, you almost always need to get close to your subject to capture its essence – details, textures, you know the drill. By doing this, you inadvertently miss everything else in your scenes, both for photos and videos. Wide-angle lenses don’t do this and instead, they give you the opportunity to capture the entire scene as is. 

On top of that, wide-angle lenses have a reverse-scale effect. Subjects that are close to the lens can be made to look enormous, while objects far away can be made super tiny – in photography, this effect is called “perspective distortion”. What you get is a super-wide look from a macro perspective.

When it comes to mobile photography and filmmaking this effect is especially useful as your phone’s camera has a fixed focal length and working distance. For example, the standard lens on my iPhone 11 Pro has a working distance of about 1/2″ whereas the tele lens on my iPhone 11 Pro has a working distance of about 3.5″. By adding a wide lens to either lens, the working distance is minutely adjusted to less than standard as a result of the shorter focal length.

3 Best Wide Lenses for Android Photography   

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There are loads of Android wide lenses on the market, but only three made it to our list. Here are our top picks for the best wide lenses of 2021!

Moment Wide 18mm Lens

The Wide 18mm M-series lens is a go-to camera lens for hobbyists and professional photographers. Compatible with most Android devices, this wide-angle lens is as versatile as it is functional. 

Made from cinema-quality glass and aerospace-grade metal, the Moment Wide Lens is among the most durable on the market. This is further solidified by its lifetime warranty. 

With this lens, you’ll be able to capture entire scenes with a 60% wider field of view. Images are crisp; no fisheye distortion here, folks.

The Moment Wide also works brilliantly in low-light situations, especially if you pair it with your Android’s Night Mode function. In most cases the native ultrawide camera isn’t available in Night Mode (it isn’t on my Pixel 4a with 5G camera) so adding a lens like the Moment 18mm Wide is necessary to get a wider result.


  • Exceptionally clear edge-to-edge image quality
  • Broad compatibility
  • Lifetime warranty 


  • Phone case needs to be purchased separately 
  • Not the most affordable 

Sirui Wide Angle Lens

Sirui Wide Angle Lens

The Sirui Wide-Angle Lens is well-loved for its high-quality construction,18mm focal length, and 95-degree diagonal angle-of-view. It’s made from German-manufactured Schott glass, multi-layer anti-reflective coatings, and aircraft-grade aluminum, all of which aid in precision processing. 

This wide-angle lens has various attachment designs. You can attach it with a lens mount adapter, a lens clip adapter, or on top of a protective case. As such, it’s compatible with a number of smartphone models. 

Similar to the Moment Wide 18mm Lens, the Sirui Wide-Angle lens doesn’t introduce distortion into your photos. 


  • Good image quality
  • Tight locking mechanism 
  • No distortion


  • Glass may cause flares in photos 
  • Requires mounting purchase

RhinoShield 2 in 1 Add-On Camera Lens

Rhinoshield 2 in 1 Add-On Camera Lens

The RhinoShield 2-in-1 Camera Lens is a great buy for those who are just starting off in the world of professional photography. Along with the 0.6x wide-angle lens, you’ll also get a macro lens, a removable lens hood (for ideal lighting when using the macro), and a soft carry pouch. 

Both wide and macro lenses feature low distortion and little to no vignetting. To achieve crisp, sharp images, the RhinoShield lens is made with a multi-layer coating. Moreover, it supports and enhances 4K images and video, which is a welcome bonus. 

In order to use this lens, you need to purchase a RhinoShield mounting case or an appropriate adapter. It’s compatible with most Android phones and iPhones. 


  • Delivers sharp images 
  • Solid build 
  • Lens hood removes lens flares


  • Requires a mounting case 

Final Thoughts on Android Wide Lenses


Wide lenses are a great addition to your mobile photography gear bag. Our top pick for the best wide lens for Androids is hands down the Moment 18mm Wide Lens due to its durable build and superb picture quality. If you want to capture premium, cinema-grade wide-angle photos, look no further than the Moment Wide Lens! If you haven’t committed to Android yet then you should see how this list stacks up against the best wide lenses for smartphones overall.

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