Best Phone Rigs for Mobile Content Creators

As the technology in modern smartphone cameras continues to advance, professional and amateur content creators alike can do everything they need to do with merely the phone in their pocket.

However, there are a few accessories that can help the budding mobile professional stand out from the casual creator. One of those accessories is the smartphone rig. 

If you’re unfamiliar with filmmaking, you might be wondering what a rig is and how it can help you. Simply put, a mobile photography rig is simply a handheld device that allows you to get a more stable grip on your camera while also holding any other accessories you might need. Though traditionally used in filmmaking, today rigs assist creators working with mobile devices instead of heavy, expensive cameras.

Why You Need A Smartphone Rig for Content Creation

Smartphone rigs
Smartphone Film Pro

If you’re interested in capturing more than just casual home movies and videos of your friends, you need a smartphone rig. Most rigs will allow you to use it either as a handheld, with a tripod, or grappled to a gimbal, which is ideal for vloggers and creators without a crew.

One of the most helpful features of a smartphone rig is the ability to keep all your accessories in one place. To create professional-quality smartphone video, you’re probably going to be using a variety of smartphone camera lenses along with a microphone or LED light. 

Keeping track of all this gear can be a hassle, but not with a smartphone video rig! You’ll be able to attach your accessories directly to your handheld instead of wrestling with individual items. You know that there are phone camera bags that help with this problem too, right? Your newfound organization means you’ll be able to spend more time working on your projects and less time keeping track of much-needed accessories.

So, now that you’ve decided you need a smartphone rig, where do you start? The market is full of phone handhelds in a variety of price ranges, so how do you decide which rig is best for you?

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and found two of the best smartphone rigs available in 2020. The Beastclamp Rig by Beastgrip and the X1 Pro Rig by Shoulderpod are two of the highest quality and adaptable options on the market.

These options are perfect for beginning content creators and professionals alike. No matter what you need your smartphone to do, these rigs will help you do it. Now, all you need to do is decide which one is right for you. 

Beastgrip Beastclamp Rig

beastgrip beastclamp universal smartphone adapter

The Beastclamp Rig by Beastgrip consists of anodized aluminum, which means it’s durable. It’s also universally compatible so that it will fit any mobile phone 54mm to 92mm wide. Even if your phone has a protective phone case on it, you’ll be able to use the Beastclamp Rig without removing the case first.

Not only will it securely hold any type of smartphone, but you can also attach any accessory you’d like. Accessories include microphones, external lighting, and more. With five built-in accessory mounts and two cold shoe mounts, this two-handed rig gets the job done right. Need some mobile photography accessories to fill all those mounts?

The Beastclamp Rig is to be used either with two hands or with a tripod. Whether you prefer to use it with a smaller, tabletop tripod or a full-size tripod, Beastgrip has you covered with this incredibly versatile rig.

The Beastclamp Rig features a minimalist design. You can use the rig with as many or as few accessories as you’d like. So, whether you’re a mobile journalist, social media influencer, or filmmaker, you can film with the confidence of having your favorite gear at the ready.

If you’ve ever used Beastclamp Rig in the past, you’ll know that you can trust it to hold your precious smartphone safely and securely. With the two CH-50 handles, you’ll have more control over your phone than ever before. You’ll never need to worry about your phone slipping out of the clamp.

At $119.99, the Beastclamp Rig is reasonably priced when compared to competitors. For the price, you’ll be impressed with the durable, high-quality feel of this rig. And, we’re forgetting the best part – the adaptability to work with the add-ons of your choice.

Shoulderpod X1 Pro Rig

mobile journalism tripod

The X1 Pro Rig by Shoulder Pod is perfect for any mobile professional. The modular and portable rig can be set up with custom configurations to suit your individual needs. Due to the adjustable clamp mechanism, it’s suitable for use with any type of smartphone.

With the thumbscrew mechanism and rubber pads, you can be sure that the clamp will hold your phone securely without damaging your beloved device. It can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of mobile phones, with or without protective cases.

The stylish wooden handle and wrist strap allow you to hold your smartphone and accessories comfortably and securely so you can focus on your subject instead of your equipment. Whether you need a light, microphone, or extra battery, you’ll be able to attach it to this rig to make your job easier.

If you would prefer a hands-free setup, you can mount the X1 with its standard ¼”-20 thread. No tools are required for installation.

The X1 is designed to be part of a modular system, so you can start with a basic configuration and expand as needed with additional gadgets. This is ideal for filming on the go since you can only carry what you need.

Shoulderpod manufactures all parts of the X1 in their local workshop in Barcelona, and their team of professional craftsmen does the final assembly. They stand by their products, and their customer service is ready to assist should you encounter any problems or difficulties.

The X1 is priced at $119.99, so it’s comparable in cost to many other smartphone camera rigs on the market. What makes the X1 stand out from competitors is its stylish appearance and adaptability to suit your needs no matter your profession. Whether you’re a mobile journalist or a YouTuber, the X1 will help you take your video to the next level.

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