• Established to eradicate the stigma attached to handheld photography
  • Created to cut through the B.S. – we, unlike Pinterest, promise to give it to you straight 100% of the time
  • Build a community of like-minded individuals all with the goal of bettering their photography

If these sound like things you can get on board with, then read on to get acquainted with the team. Get to know everything about Photos With Phones!

As web developer and one of our lead writers, we depend on Patrick for up to date and accurate information on the tech side of what we do here at PhotosWithPhones. Currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, he’s working remotely to ensure he saves money on rent and cocktails.

A graduate of the College of William and Mary Patrick is knowledgeable on all things tech as well as all things succ-y (succulent-y that is).

Utilized mainly as a writer, Joe uses his way with words to eloquently simplify some pretty dense information. We love the satirical voice within his writing and can’t wait for more articles roasting Apple (and maybe other companies too!).

A graduate of Christopher Newport University with a degree in history he loves to do research and read. That’s why we give him lots of the more research-intensive projects (don’t tell him that though…).

Joe currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As the artistic brains behind the operation, Kylan makes sure that all of our photography jargon and tips are accurate. A successful professional photographer himself, Kylan can rarely be found without his Sony camera (gross – we know). He’s working on developing a love for his iPhone XR’s camera though, so we’re optimistic that his expertise will only become more relevant.

He is currently working on a computer science degree at Virginia Commonwealth University. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.