Yes, your phone has filters, but don’t you want to really stand out with the best apps for Instagram? Great – we want you to, too. So, here are 7 best apps to absolutely slay your feed.

Because of the importance we place on our photos looking good, you should take every opportunity to set yourself apart (p.s. you should set out to do this before snapping the pic!). These apps will ensure that you stand out from your dad who’s new to ‘the gram’ and your high school friend who’s fooling herself with that multi-level marketing scheme.

You’re different. You’re talented (and could be even more so with a little guidance). Now, let yourself stand out from the crowd!

How to edit Instagram pictures

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So, take photos that are special and unique with the best apps for Instagram – don’t just use those filters that everyone else is using…

What to keep in mind –

Every phone has a different app store and each app store has a different set of apps available for download. While this list is thorough and includes the best of the best in terms of taking, editing, and filtering photos there are certainly others that you can find with some trial and error. We are, however, focusing on the best apps for Instagram that access your camera to take the photo.

It is certainly worth noting however, that sometimes editing on your phone isn’t the best move. In many cases, editing on your PC is better than doing so on your mobile!

Best Apps for Editing Instagram Posts

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Maybe you find something specific to your app store, be sure to share it in the comments. Be sure to also think about your phone’s capability before searching. If you are willing to share, you may help another budding photographer take their best photos too!

All of these apps are available for download on both the Apple Store (IOS) and the Google Play Store. So, happy photographing ya crazies!

Here are the Best Apps for Instagram!

VSCO (free download – $0.99 and $5.99 per bundle)

Best Apps for Instagram VSCO

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What’s now VSCO used to be VSCO cams so don’t be confused here, buddy. The latter was just an editing software whereas the former does it all.

While VSCO is known for its editing prowess – and it should be as a result of its huge numbers of filters and editing tools – their photographing capability is quickly becoming the talk of photo town.

Because the company became relevant by developing Adobe Lightroom presets for film photos way back when it’s no surprise that their market is expanding (hint – we only expect it to continue to do so…).

As a result of their adherence to film photography,  most of VSCO’s tools create photos made to look like old-timey film (a new ‘fad’ in the mobile photographer world). So, be cognizant of the purpose of the app before utilizing it.

Their sharpening tool is also top notch (so much so that we bring it up even though it’s irrelevant). We definitely commend them for developing a tool that doesn’t create a grainy effect in the unsharpened portions of the photo.

VSCO has always been one of the Best Apps for Instagram and that won’t change anytime soon.

Hipstamatic ($2.99)

Best Apps for Instagram Hipstamatic

Before we get into the specifics of Hipstamatic we just gotta say, check out the diversity in the image above. These are just a small sampling of the lenses and effects you can apply to your images.

Oh, did we mention you can do all of the above both pre and post photo? That’s a game changer. Don’t worry about the online reviews that say you can’t, newer versions of the app allow effects to be added whenever.

Another dope feature is the ability to combine different lenses, flashes, and old-timey effects. As a result, you’ll be able to create your own signature look and ensure that your Instagram feed looks homogenous all the way through!

In addition, downloading Oggl – a free version offering in-app purchases – allows photos to be uploaded directly to a community of others using the app. Why not show off how great your pictures look, right?

Camera+ ($2.99)

Best Apps for Instagram Camera+


Do you want to do some macro-photography?

Maybe a little long exposure is more your style…

If so, then Camera+ is for you!

The Camera+ app has all of the camera and photo editing capability of Pro Camera 8, but on steroids.

Our favorite feature is their manual exposure control. The tool does the best job of replicating what it feels like to manually adjust exposure on a real camera. Oh, and the results are pretty awesome too!

Also, their macro setting – which utilizes digital zooming to emulate a macro-lense – simulates actual macro photography. Don’t get it confused or overconfident though, this isn’t real macro (we’ll show you some smartphone compatible macro lenses eventually…).

Once you’ve snapped the picture, then the fun really begins with their editing and enhancing tools. The tools give you the options to rotate, to straighten, to change exposure, to adjust sharpness, and to tone color. 

The great diversity of filter options allow you to layer multiples and adjust the specifics of each layer.

ProCamera 8 ($4.99)

Best Apps for Instagram ProCamera 8


This is the pinnacle of photo-taking apps. It does it all, and it does it all better than the rest of the competition. Bar none.

Why are we so head-over-heels for ProCamera 8? Where to even begin…

There is better control across the board, and its interface is the same as the iPhone’s actual camera (but, with a litany of upgrades). 

The editing options in-app are obviously available once you snap your photo, but they’re even available for photos in your camera roll.

Seriously though, all of this is just child’s play. If you’re a real photographer, then this next bit will blow your mind…

Typical iPhone pics come in a JPEG format – if you want them in a different format you have to convert them. The conversion process messes with the photo itself and leads to all sorts of unwanted problems.

So, ProCamera 8 solves the problem – they offer them in a TIFF format (essentially larger file size allows them to be edited better). Believe us…if you want the photos post-edit to look absolutely breathtaking, then this is the way to make it happen.

Absolutely worth $4.99. We would even say the best paid app for Instagram ProCamera 8 will prove its value time and time again!

Snapseed (free)

Best Apps for Instagram Snapseed

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So, what Snapseed lacks in pre-photo adjustability it makes up for in its post-photo editing. Did we mention, it’s free?

There are options before snapping your photo. Be sure to adjust color and exposure to get exactly what you’re looking for.

There are also a reasonable number of vintage filters and special effects to be utilized once the image hits your camera roll. It’s definitely worth checking out Snapseed before investing in an app that requires payment.

Their Selective Adjustment Tool gives you the capacity to edit parts of the image as opposed to the whole thing. In our book, that’s pretty cool. At the very least, it’s something not available in some of their competitor’s apps (most of which must be purchased).

The best thing though, about Snapseed is that it’s so friggin’ easy to use – not to mention useful. From beginner to professional, this app is a must-have if you’re interested in the best apps for Instagram!