5 Reasons Why the Fotopro Tripod is King

Have you ever heard of Fotopro tripods? According to the Fotopro website, their tripods are the clear best choice for both adventure and outdoor photography.

That’s a pretty strong claim to make when you have competition like Joby, Peak Design, and Xenvo.

Fotopro Smartphone Tripod
Camera Jabber

At the same time, Fotopro’s tripods have been meticulously and thoroughly tested in some of the most extreme conditions on earth so there may be merit to the claims. Oh, and their group of sponsored photographers is pretty impressive too.

As a result, it would be reasonable to believe that their assertion of being the best choice for both adventure and outdoor photography could be legitimate.

For the sake of mobile photography, we’re going to learn about Fotopro we’re going to see if their gear is really as good as they say it is.

Let’s Get to Know Fotopro

So, maybe we weren’t entirely fair in saying that you should’ve heard of Fotopro. They have, after all, done the majority of their business in Europe and Asia for the last fifteen years.

In the last few years, however, Fotopro has begun to expand into the Western marketplace as well. During this period, they have placed roots in the U.S., Canada, Panama, and Brazil.

Fotopro Today

Fotopro business partnerships

As you can tell by the image above, Fotopro has both a firm grip on the European/Asian market and a burgeoning market share in the U.S. Both of these facts are an indication that Fotopro is here to stay.

Moving forward, you can expect to see more and more of their gear in U.S. stores and being used by photography influencers.

Fotopro’s Gear

Fotopro Magazine

Fotopro makes tripods for DSLR, mirrorless, and smartphone cameras. Many of their tripods require only an attachment to work for mobile photography. You can compare Fotopro’s tripods against our favorites available in 2020 here.

In addition, Fotopro makes:

  • carbon fiber camera tripods
  • aluminum tripods
  • tripod heads
  • other accessories

While we will only discuss the Fotopro smartphone tripods below, if you are interested you can evaluate the options for DSLR and mirrorless tripods here.

Fotopro Flexible Gorilla Tripod

  • This tripod built for the iPhone X has portability in mind
  • The Smartphone Mount is ideal for vertical shooting while still allowing you to shoot horizontally (which you should be doing anyway!)
  • The Fotopro Flexible Gorilla Tripod comes with a Bluetooth remote
  • You’ll love the white 360-degree ball head that allows you to capture everything around you

59” Fotopro Portable Tripod

59" Fotopro
59″ Fotopro
  • This mobile tripod is ideal for iPhone photography.
  • The 59″ Fotopro Portable Tripod comes with a Bluetooth remote
  • Your tripod is guaranteed to be made from the highest quality aluminum, which goes through an anodic oxidation process. This process makes the 59″ Fotopro Portable Tripod both immune to color dulling and resistant to corrosion.
  • In addition to being compatible with iPhones, the 59″ Fotopro Portable Tripod also works with most Canon GoPros too
  • This smartphone tripod features a 3-way head & an adjustable phone mount

5 Reasons to Choose Fotopro Tripods

Fotopro L-64 Carbon Fibre Tripod
PC: Alessio Andreani

While there are many more reasons to switch to Fotopro, these are the top five. If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments section down below.

1. Fotopro gear is legit

Fotopro Tripod
Alessio Andreani

All of the reviews, testimonials, and unboxing videos can’t all be lying. At a certain point, one just has to accept the fact that Fotopro’s gear is as legit as they come.

And if you decide it isn’t legit, they allow you to return unwanted gear within fourteen days of purchase as long as it’s in the original packaging. Returns can also be made within fourteen days in cases of defective products or if you’re less than satisfied with your order.

It should be noted that you are responsible for shipping costs. They recommend using a trackable shipping method as well.

2. The featured photographers

Fotopro featured photographers
With a list of featured photographers including Andy Best, CJ Triebels, Ali Bernie Buga-ay, and Keith Ladzinski you can’t help but be impressed.
If these guys are using Fotopro gear then you should be too. At the same time, there aren’t any mobile shooters on the list. If you’re interested in some of the industry’s best, then check this out.

3. Growth

Fotopro growth

The jump to the U.S. has killed a lot of business dreams over the years, but not Fotopro’s. Their four locations in the western hemisphere seem to be thriving.

As the company continues to work closely with new connections in the U.S., we can only expect their products to continue to improve.

4. Simple and streamlined

fotopro smartphone tripod

If you look at a lot of photography companies, their websites, staff, and pretty much everything about them is simply too big.

Not Fotopro.

Their website is extremely easy to navigate and there is no mention of the people that make up the company. It’s like their mission in creating the site was 100% user-friendly and product-focused.

As consumers, we appreciate it.

5. Cost versus performance

cost effective

When I shop for anything I compare cost and performance. I could buy the cheap option and replace it in three months, or I could splurge for the better choice that lasts for years.

For me, the options that tend to be the most appealing are the extremes – the cheapest or the best. What I frequently forget, are the middle options.

Fotopro has a ‘Goldie Locks and the three bears’ thing going in that their gear may cost a little extra, but it’ll last much longer than the cheap option. While there may also be a better option, it is also significantly more expensive.

As a result, Fotopro has to be an appealing option for everyone.

Get the Picture: Fotopro

Fotopro isn’t going anywhere so you might as well learn about them so you can decide if you’re with them or against them.

Do we agree that Fotopro is the clear best choice for both adventure and outdoor photography? No, we do not.

Do we think that Fotopro is a solid choice for both adventure and outdoor photography? Yes, we do. Their gear is cost-effective and performs well, so why wouldn’t we?

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