3 Super Straps for Phones

Every mobile photographer or filmmaker knows that nervous feeling of holding your phone over the edge of a bridge or cliff. You think to yourself, if you drop it, you’ll never be able to get it back! 

Whether you shoot with your phone in precarious situations, or just have a habit of dropping your phone, give yourself the gift of security by investing in a strap for your smartphone. Your smartphone is an essential and expensive device, so you should do your best to protect it.

Smartphone Straps


For awhile I laughed at the idea of needing a strap for my smartphone when shooting. I thought, “I’m not clumsy and I definitely respect how expensive this device is,” until the moment that my phone was tumbling towards the concrete. In that moment I thought, “damn, straps for phones really are a worthwhile investment.”

Don’t be like me, get a smartphone strap for that extra peace of mind.

Don’t Forget the Case

Depending on the type of smartphone you have, you may need to invest in a new case in order to use a wrist strap. There was a time when most phones had a hole in the corner to be used with a strap, but not many modern smartphones have this feature now.

If you want to use a strap and your phone doesn’t allow you to attach the strap directly to it, you’ll need to purchase a new case. 

The Moment Case for the iPhone, Galaxy, OnePlus or Pixel is a great option. Not only do these cases let you attach a wrist strap, but they work with Moment lenses. Plus, they’re sleek, stylish, and will protect your phone from most bumps and short drops.

If you’re happy with the case you have, but want more security, check out the third strap on this list. It’s universally adaptable and doesn’t require any specific type of phone or case. This strap will also work for those bold mobile creators who don’t use any protective case at all.

Moment Nylon Phone Wrist Strap

Moment Nylon Phone Wrist Strap review

If you’re looking for a high-quality and durable wrist strap, look no further than Moment’s Nylon Phone Strap. It comes in five fashionable colors: black, gray, olive, sand, and red. Or, buy all five so you always have a strap to match your outfit of the day.

This wrist strap is designed specifically to work with the Moment Case, but it can also be attached to any case that allows wrist strap attachments. It’s also universally sized to fit most wrists, so no matter how big or small your wrists might be, you’ll be able to keep your phone safe.

The Moment Nylon Phone Wrist Strap is made of military grade nylon, so it’s not only durable, but it’s lightweight as well. It’s been weight tested up to 158 pounds, so even if you have a heavy phone, you know the wrist strap won’t give up on you.

The nylon used in the construction of this wrist strap isn’t stiff or scratchy like some straps can be. You’ll be able to wear this strap comfortably for the duration of your photoshoot.

The Moment Nylon Wrist Strap attaches to your phone with a simple nylon cord. No tools necessary for attachment. Just slip the cord through the hole on your phone’s case and pull the strap through the cord’s loop.

Priced at just $19.99, this strap is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of replacing your phone. If this seems steep, just consider how much money you’ll save in screen protectors or repairs when you stop dropping your phone so much.

Moment Leather Phone Wrist Strap

Moment Leather Phone Wrist Strap review

The previously mentioned wrist strap is great, but nylon may not be for everyone. If you’d prefer a strap made of a different material, the Moment Leather Wrist Strap is for you.

This strap is made of premium grade leather. It’s made to keep your phone secure while keeping your sense of style intact. 

This leather strap effortlessly attaches to any Moment Case. It can also be used with any third-party case that allows for strap attachment. It uses the same durable nylon cord to attach as the Moment Nylon Wrist Strap. 

The Moment Leather Phone Wrist Strap is universally sized, so it will comfortably fit most wrists. You won’t even notice you’re wearing the strap with the premium grade leather. It’s so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there until you need it.

This strap is available in three stylish colors: black, dark brown, and natural leather. No matter which color you choose, you’ll be able to remain fashionable while keeping your smartphone safe and secure.

Priced at $29.99, this strap is the most expensive on our list, but it’s worth every penny. You won’t find high quality leather at this price anywhere else. Plus, the Moment Leather Wrist Strap is made to last, so you’ll be able to keep your phone safe for years to come.

LoveHandle Elastic Phone Strap

LOVEHANDLE Universal Grip For Smartphone  review

For the mobile creator who likes to express their personality through their phone case, you might not want to replace your existing smartphone case. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your phone’s safety though.

The LoveHandle Elastic Phone Strap is almost universally adaptable. It works with most smartphones and even many tablets. Its slender design is meant to fit comfortable in your pocket or bag.

Unlike the others on this list, this strap doesn’t go around your wrist, but instead slides comfortably over your fingers to give you extra security. Whether you’re shooting over a mud puddle or are at home editing your photos, you don’t need to worry about dropping your phone again.

The LoveHandle Phone Strap attaches easily to your phone with super-strong 3M adhesive. This adhesive is removable and leaves no residue, so if you change your mind, your phone case won’t suffer.

This elastic strap is available in a wide range of stylish colors and patterns. From simple solid colors to floral patterns and stripes, there’s a LoveHandle Strap to match your aesthetic. It’s also available in two sizes to suit differently sized devices.

Your purchase includes everything you need to install the LoveHandle Phone Strap including the strap itself, an alcohol wipe to clean the surface, and adhesive. No professional installation or tools required.

The LoveHandle Elastic Phone Strap is priced at just $9.99, so it’s a great option for the mobile photographer or filmmaker on a budget.

Stay Strapped

smartphone straps review
Photo by Qord Amsterdam on Unsplash

So, a strap for your phone is en route, right? It may seem silly, but a $10-$30 investment can save you loads of money in smartphone camera repairs down the line. Both the Moment wrist straps provide peace of mind you crave while remaining stylish and functional. While the LoveHandle Plastic Strap isn’t as high-quality in terms of build its universal design is ideal for all smartphone photographers.

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